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Our story begins with one simple idea: to grow fresh, high quality blueberries that our community and surrounding areas can enjoy for seasons to come. And over the past two years, Royal Blues Farm has evolved into so much more. We are Local grown. We are community oriented. And we take great pride to be able to represent Nature in its purest form. We are a native Florida family of many generations, and proud of where we come from. And as a Culinary trained chef, it is important to me to understand and respect the process of growing the freshest and tastiest blueberries around.

Here at the farm we want to share this farm experience with you and your family. Spending time outside in our fields can be good for the soul. It can revitalize your mind and energize your spirit. It is important to connect to where your food comes from, and we can provide just that. So come and join us, on our 50 acre farm, for some fresh air and happy smiles, while picking the best tasting blueberries around.

Life may be moving fast and ever changing; but out here you can slow down, stay awhile and take it all in.

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Our Favorite Blueberry Recipes

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